Romeo’s Belly Flop Wake up Tactic

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This morning, the female staff was sleeping on her back, right at the edge of the bed. I MEOW.MEOW.MEOW.MEOW’D into her ear from middle of the bed but this did not work (It’s just a formality anyway. It never works).

Here is the famous furry belly.

Here is the furry belly of which I speak.

Then, I decided to try the other ear.

I jumped across her sleeping face with full intention of landing on other side and continuing the MEOWs until she woke up.

Alas, I didn’t realize there was no room on the other side. I couldn’t even get a paw-hold. In fact, once I jumped, I had nowhere to put my paws so they were hanging in mid-air off the side of the bed!

The only thing I could do to save myself from certain death was to plop my belly onto the staff’s face and hope for the best! And even then, I couldn’t get enough leverage with my hind paws to get off her face right away. So I was kinda stuck for a minute. Whoops.

Staff shouted some sort of muffled obscenity (which makes me laugh), spit belly hair out of her mouth and removed me from her face.

However, she was up! She had no choice but to get out of bed and go get BREAKFAST.

I hereby declare this tactic, “The Belleh Flop.”

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