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Happy Tail: This Bichon was rescued from a puppy mill


This purebred Bichon Frise was a puppy mill breeder dog. She spent her first years in a tiny wire cage, getting no socialization, producing litter after litter. Her vocal chords had been cut to prevent barking. Fortunately, Luv4K9s rescue in Dayton, OH, saved her from the deplorable conditions and listed her on Petfinder to give her a chance of finding a loving home.

Now life is beautiful for this former puppy mill dog.

Now life is good for this former puppy mill dog.

A Fond du Lac, WI, family saw her on the website and applied to adopt her. Their application was approved, and about a year ago, they headed to Ohio to bring her home.

Some puppy mill dogs have trouble adjusting to normal life after so much deprivation, but Gooseanna, as then 17-year-old Morgan Patrick named her, was an exception. “She comes to me and eats treats out of my hand and snuggles,” Morgan says. “She also likes to get dressed up and have her hair groomed.”

Morgan has put blankets and the dog’s favorite stuffed animals in a drawer under a window seat to make a safe place for her, and Gooseanna loves it.

From time to time, the family sees a shadow of what she has lived through. For one thing, she hoards food. They feel it’s a response to going hungry at the puppy mill. One day, Morgan found her opening the cabinet where the family keeps snacks.  She used her head and paws to pull the door open, then took out some croissants and dragged them to her safe place. There’s no telling what they might find hidden here or there.

When the weather turns hot, you’re likely to find Gooseanna outside in a baby pool, cooling off. Or you might find her in the family’s garden, eating cucumbers that are growing on the garden fence. It’s a far cry from life in the odious puppy mill. Life is now good.

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