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Happy tail: A dog brings sunshine into his home


The March days were particularly dreary for Beverly Reuter. Eight months had passed since her husband of 56 years had passed away, but she was still feeling as if the tears and loneliness would never go away.  Her grief was compounded when her 14-year-old Yorkshire Terrier died unexpectedly.

“I had never felt or heard the house so silent,” she says. Her friends had been helping her through the tough times, and now one of them, Dawn, stepped up again.

Charly's playful enthusiasm brightens his home.

Charley’s enthusiasm brightens his home.

“Realizing how lonely I felt, and being adept at computer searches, she started browsing for a dog that she thought would fit my life,” Beverly says.

A few days later Dawn showed Beverly a picture of a shaggy 2-year-old dog named Scamper, who had been found as a stray and listed on Petfinder by Rowdy Rescue in Slaughters, KY. Beverly called about him, and then she and Dawn set off on a two-hour drive from her home in Murray, KY, to meet the little guy.

He was in a foster home, and when he was brought out on a leash, his bushy tail was wagging, and he seemed to have a little grin on his face. “He came directly to use and jumped onto the back seat of the car and seemed perfectly at home,” Beverly says.

A few papers to sign, and then Beverly and Dawn were leaving with their precious little passenger.

“When we got home, Scamper met his new next door neighbor, another yellow Lab, named Timber, who was waiting for him in our driveway to welcome him to the ‘hood,” Beverly says. Scamper, now named Charley, fit into his new home nicely, even making friends with the cat, Callie. “They sometimes sleep together, always want the same toy, play hide and seek, and he is especially pleased when he finds one of Callie’s special hiding places.”

Beverly believes Charley once had a good home. “He’s well trained, polite, obedient, gentle and funny,” she says. For some reason he went unclaimed by his former people, and it’s Beverly’s good fortune, for he has brought some much-needed sunshine back into her life.

“The house is no longer as quiet and empty as it once was, and if Ron can see us, he’s saying, ‘Well done, Bev!'”

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