Romeo’s Close Call Wake up

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I started the morning out okay. I started my meowmeowmeowmeowmeow just about the same time that the Running-Jumping-Screaming-FrozentheMovieLoving Creature started complaining about something from her room.

Oh please oh please oh please don't let me miss BREAKFAST.

Oh please oh please oh please don’t let me miss BREAKFAST.

Male staff grumbled and heaved himself out of bed and went to see what the Creature was yelling about. Of course, I took this as a great opportunity for an early BREAKFAST so I followed him in to the Creature’s room.

Then, I spied my favorite ribbon hanging out of the basket so I started playing with it. Before I knew it, the male staff member had left the room, shutting the door behind him. And I WAS TRAPPED. ALONE. WITH THE CREATURE.

She waved at me through the slats in her crib. Then, she talked to me for a while which I suppose was kind of nice.

But a little while later, I heard the female staff calling my name, the clinking of plates, and OMG BREAKFAST being served! LetmeoutLetmeoutLetmeoutLetmeoutLetmeout! HEY! I’m in HERE!

Finally, the door opened and female staff peeked in. “Romeo?!” I gave her my best Grumpy Cat look and ran downstairs for BREAKFAST.

These people better be extra nice to me today.