Romeo’s BOING Wake Up

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Sorry, but not really that sorry.

Sorry, but not really that sorry.

Sometimes, I have the good fortune of coming across an unexpected wake up strategy.

This morning, I was patrolling the perimeter of the bedroom as I pondered my plan of attack. Suddenly, I came across some sort of new cat toy. It was spiral and stuck out of the wall behind the door and had this fantastic little rubber tip on the end. Who on earth had put that there for me to play with? Whoever you are, thank you!

I gave it a bat and BOOOOING! What a delightful sound it made! Again, I batted at it: BOOOOINGGGG! Bat, BOOOOINGGGGG! Bat, BOOOOOINNNNGGGGGG!

Then, from the female staff: “ROMEO! STOP IT.”

Um. What? Bat-BOOOOOING!


Begrudgingly she got out of bed and yes, BREAKFAST was indeed ready a short time later.


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