Romeo’s Open Mouth Wake up Strategy

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I'm a guy who thrives on new challenges.

I’m a guy who thrives on new challenges.

I discovered the female staff member laying in an odd sleeping position this morning. She was on her back, with her arms up over her head. And, as if that wasn’t wonderful enough, her mouth was wide open. She was completely vulnerable, on many different levels, to my attack.

I’m always up for a new challenge such as this, so I gave myself a good pre-game scratch and stepped squarely on her armpit, peered into her face and MEOWED. Then, I sneezed. And yes, of course it was right over her open mouth.


She jumped up right away, yelling something incoherent.

Soon thereafter, BREAKFAST was heated and served to the felines of the house to fuel us for our busy day. Of napping.

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