Romeo’s Amateur Hour Wake up Tactic

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Today’s wake up was a total bust.

I am so disappointed in myself today.

I am so disappointed in myself today.

I was soooooo hungry; to the point of starving, actually. So, I was in survival mode; thinking with my belly and not my head.

I started way too early (4 a.m.) and was way too aggressive (standing over female staff’s head and meowing incessantly).

And I got kicked out of the room.

Darndarndarndarn. I know better than this! Effective wake up campaigns require a perfect balance of timing and technique. I behaved like an untrained newbie today.

After being rudely booted from the bedroom, I sat outside and considered my options. I didn’t have many. So, I meowed a couple of times at the door and went downstairs to go back to sleep for a bit and take my mind off my dire circumstances.

Eventually the staff arrived and I dragged my weak, starving body to the food dish. They’re lucky they got to me when they did.

Mark my words, friends, this complete lack in judgement on my part will not happen again.


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