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Happy Tail: A Terrier mix named Seamus finds his voice


Through the miracle of Petfinder, Jessica Pickles, who lives in Kingston, ON, saw Oliver on Petfinder while she was thousands of miles away in Rome on vacation. She’d been looking for a hypoallergenic pooch for months because her boyfriend (now fiancé) had allergies.

“There was something about Oliver that made me send the link to my boyfriend,” she says.

Seamus not only found a home, he also found his voice.

Seamus not only found a home, he also found his voice.

After arriving back in Canada, she made arrangements to meet the little white dog. A cacophony of noise greeted her and her fiancé when they walked into Quinte Humane Society in Belleville, ON. “Almost every single dog in the room was barking,” she says.

They looked for Oliver and found him lying quietly with his head on his paws. They took him out of the cage and went for a walk. “You could tell he loved being outdoors, and I am sure he would have walked for hours if we had let him,” Jessica says.

They also noted that he didn’t trigger her boyfriend’s allergies. That was enough for them to know he was the one for them. They changed his name to Seamus and took him home.

“He was a very quiet dog and, for the first few weeks, he never made a sound,” Jessica says. “I had bought a bunch of toys for him to play with, but he didn’t seem interested in any of them until one day I brought home a small squeaky ball. … He loved it so much he barked.” Seamus had found his voice.

The couple feels very lucky to have found Seamus. A shy little dog has found happiness, his bark and a moderate bit of fame when he was featured in Queen’s University Alumni Magazine as “Seamus the Tricolored Puppy.” All in all, it’s quite a leap from living in a shelter while waiting for a home.

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