Romeo’s Wood Floor Wake up Tactic

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Oh boy, there are SO many fantastic ways to wake up one’s staff.

Don't mind us..just havin' a little fun.

Don’t mind us..just havin’ a little fun.

This morning my reluctant partner-in-crime (that’s the black cat Pugsley) and I discovered that if we run up the stairs at full speed we make fantastic creaky noises and awesome paw pounding noises.

So, we played chase and I pursued Pugsley all over the house, up and down the stairs several times (pound-creak-pound-pound-CREAK-pound-pound-pound-creak) into the office, out again, into the bathroom and out again and back down the stairs.

Then, we did this all over again. Like, five times. Once, I missed the turn and went flying into the bathroom and slid into the metal trash can, making a beautiful clanging noise.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the female staff rise in alarm but I had no time to stop. I was in motion….back downstairs again.

Once staff realized what was going on, they were up, calling us stinkers. Perhaps we’re stinkers, perhaps not. But BREAKFAST was stinky. And delicious!

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