Romeo’s Nose Vs. Nose Wake up Tactic

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I believe one should always use all means possible to get what one wants. And, like every other morning, this morning I wanted BREAKFAST.

Though it be but little, it is fierce!

Though it be but little, it is fierce!

I alerted the sleeping staff to my desires via several meows, yet they paid no attention and continued their snoozing.

Then, I jumped off the bed, went to get a drink of water and returned, hoping in the interim they might have awoken.

They did not.

So, I used one of my most powerful weapons. I stuck my white, furry, moon face into the male staff member’s face and went nose-to-nose: his big, fleshy, dry, warm, sleeping nose vs. my tiny, pink, wet, cold, aggressive nose.

It was an epic battle; nose against nose, will against will.

It was a worthy competition but tiny, pink, wet, cold, aggressive (and, ahem, very cute) nose won out and OH HELLO, BREAKFAST was served!

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