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Happy Tail: Little dog goes from abandoned to adopted


Someone abandoned the little white dog at a flea market in Texas, and he ended up at the Humane Society of Harrison County in Marshall, TX. People repeatedly passed him by as he waited for a forever home.

Meanwhile, in Carthage, TX, Deborah and Wayland Harris were looking on Petfinder for a dog to adopt. Their beloved Yorkie/Maltese mix had died from kidney failure about a year earlier, and they were now ready to bring a new companion into their lives. The little white dog was the one that captured their hearts. They named him Shiloh.

Shiloh loves to don costumes for all occasions.

Shiloh loves to don costumes for all occasions.

Something in his unknown past had made him fearful of everything. “He wouldn’t lie on his back or let me touch his feet without pulling away.” He wanted to please Deborah, but was afraid to be bathed.

It took quite a long time to overcome his fears, but now he lies in Deborah’s arms, holds his feet out to be clipped, never barks at anyone except perhaps a passing four-legger with whom he wants to play.

“He loves his nightly jogs around the block and sleeps well while traveling in the car,” she says. He also likes being dressed up, so Deborah gets to indulge him with costumes for all occasions.

Quite frankly, she’s glad all those potential adopters passed him by because that meant he was there for her and her husband. “Little do they know, they missed out on adopting the greatest little dog in the world. Shiloh means ‘one sent or gift given,'” she says. For her Shiloh is a gift sent by God to bless her life.

You have to admire people like the Harrises, who are willing to give a shy, fearful dog a second chance.

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