Esther the Wonder Pig!

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If you haven’t seen Esther the Wonder Pig on Facebook yet, you have to check her out. You will fall in love. A warm and fuzzy feeling will overwhelm you and you will soon find yourself wondering what Esther is up to throughout your day and showing pictures of her to your friends and family. So, when I had the opportunity to interview Steve and Derek, the parents of Esther the Wonder pig, I was beside myself with joy!

Esther was brought home under the assumption that she was a “micro pig”. She had been advertised as a “micro pig” and her parents were told that she would be no larger than 60-70lbs. However, there is really no such thing as a “micro pig”. Micro Pigs are pigs that are either under fed or are falsely advertised. Pigs can start breeding as early as 6 weeks, so the mom pigs really are small, but, they are just babies themselves. Pot bellied pigs should be around 150lbs as adults. Domesticated pigs, such as Esther, should be closer to 700 lbs, sometimes more. Around 6 months, Esther’s parents started to question her status as a “micro pig”, but by then, they had fallen in love with her. Here is what they have to say about Esther the Wonder Pig and they journey that they have embarked on with her:

Q.  At what point did you realize that she wasn’t going to stay small? What encouraged you to keep her and then go public with it?

A. We started to have suspicions about Esther’s size at about 6 months. By then we had already fallen madly in love with her so getting rid of her wasn’t really an option in our minds. There were plenty of times I would sit with Esther and cry because I was so worried we wouldn’t have a choice but to get rid of her. Neighbors could complain, she could get too big to do stairs, her attitude could change and let’s be honest, size could be an issue and at some point. Once we got to know her there was just something really hard to explain. She’s family in every sense of the word and she’s wasn’t going anywhere no matter what.


Q. What do you hope to accomplish with her story?


A. We want people to know Esther. The personality you see. Her smile, her intelligence, her playfulness and her want for attention.
We also want people who are thinking of getting a pet pig to do as much research as possible and think again. We had no idea what we were in for with Esther. We we’re told 70-80lbs max! If you absolutely want a pig, please consider a rescue from a local sanctuary. Thousands of pigs are abandoned every year because their owners didn’t know what they were getting themselves into and that’s why we want to open a sanctuary of our own as soon as possible. It’s a huge problem and people get taken advantage of like we did all the time. Pigs can be too smart for their own good and require a lot of training and time in the early years. Esther seems to be really well settled but she is still a handful. You also have to keep in mind even a smaller potbellied pig will be well over 100lbs of muscle, if they want to go somewhere, they’re going!


Q. What have you learned from Esther?


A. We learned really quickly that they are unbelievably smart. Esther loves to be cuddled and scratched, even now as you’ll see on our Facebook and YouTube videos. She’s very affectionate, she has been completely house trained, does a few tricks for her treats. The list is endless. She has a personality like no animal we’ve had the pleasure of knowing.  We also learned a lot of things that I guess we always knew but tried to ignore.   Knowing Esther and how sensitive and aware she is really opened our eyes.


Q. What has been the response from friends and family?


A. Everyone has been really, really supportive.


Q. Can you tell me a little bit about her personality?

A. Her personality is hilarious; she’s like a little person. She has mischievous days when she wants to explore every inch of the house or play and wrestle, but she often just wants to cuddle and sleep with us on the couch.  She almost always comes to find someone when she wants a nap.  She prefers to nap with us or the dogs.  She’s a lot of fun to be around, there’s never a dull moment that’s for sure.


Q. What is it about Esther that makes you fall in love with her?

A. What I said above, her hilarious personality.  We always have to be one step ahead of Esther because she’s just so clever.  She has an amazing memory and has even taught herself how to open doors, cupboards and the fridge.  She keeps us on her toes like you wouldn’t believe. When you get to know Esther you also see very quickly that there’s  something about her eyes that is really hard to explain, they’re almost human. There’s a huge satisfaction knowing that we quite literally saved her life.  What she gave us in return was just as life altering.  She completely sucks you in, it’s impossible not to fall in love.

I strongly encourage you to check out Esther the Wonder Pig on Facebook. As always, we strongly encourage everyone to do their research before adopting an animal, any animal. If you do feel that you are ready to bring a pig into your home, though, please check out some of the many available pigs right here on Petfinder.com1551729_524070044366891_426787999_n