Romeo’s “Not My Fault” Wake up Tactic

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So, this morning’s wake up was a bit frustrating.

I will not accept responsibility for this.Unless there's something in it for me.

I will not accept responsibility for this. Unless there’s something in it for me.

First of all, I’d like to state my formal position that it’s not my fault the cell phone cord was dangling off the bedside table.

Also, it’s not my fault that the iPad and glasses were on TOP of the cell phone.

Furthermore, one simply cannot possibly think it’s my fault that, when I played with the cell phone cord and pulled it off the bedside table, everything on top of it came crashing to the floor, waking up the staff.

Yet it seemed that the staff did, indeed, believe all of these things were my fault. I will not be a scapegoat for the staff’s carelessness at not securing items mentioned above. Will not.

Unless, of course there’s some BREAKFAST involved. I might be willing to let this slide. Staff agreed and soon I was filling my belly with deliciousness.

Meh, so I took the fall. This time. It was worth it.

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