Romeo’s Crazy Cat Wake up Tactic

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This morning I used my natural Crazy Cat power to get the lazy staff up and at ’em.

Romeo the Cat

Post crazy. May need a nap.

What Crazy Cat power? I’m glad you asked. It’s a cat’s ability to zoom like a madman for an extended period of time, incorporating stunts, jumps, skids and navigating stairs and corners without slowing down.

This is how I encouraged BREAKFAST to come sooner this morning:

Jumped up on the bed. Hopped over female staff, then male staff. Then, jumped down (with a big thump, naturally) off the bed.

Zoomed around the bed, out of the bedroom and down the stairs (klunk, klunk, klunk, klunk) and around the corner.

Then, zoomed back up the stairs (bump, bump, bump, bump, bump) and down the hall.

Then, pivoted, skidded a bit, ran back down the hall and around the corner, into the bedroom. Forgot to slow down and slid right into the bedside table.

Got tangled in baby monitor cord and knocked it off the table. CRASH! (whoops!)

Zoomed out of there.

Soon, however, I heard the staff get out of bed and slowly shuffle to the bathroom to brush her teeth, defeated once again.

Crazy Cat never fails! HELLO, BREAKFAST!