Pit Bull Parent: They are Individuals Regardless of Breeding

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“Are you serious, it’s just a little snow, you can go outside. It really isn’t that bad. After all, weren’t you bred to be a German hunting dog?”. This is what I caught myself saying to my Poodle the other day. It was cold, as it has been throughout much of the country, and he absolutely refused to go outside. So, I called him out on his roots. Me, the person who likes to remind people that all dogs are individuals with individual personalities. I should know better.

Often, people have these thoughts about Pit Bull dogs. They feel that Pit Bull dogs can’t be around other dogs. When talking to the public about Pit Bull dogs, I am often reminded that many people still feel that, as at one point, Pit Bulls were bred to have issues with some other animals, this must still be the case. I take the time to remind them that all dogs are individuals and breeding is such a small piece of the puzzle that makes up a dog. My Pit Bull dogs live happily and without incident in a home with other dogs, with a cat, with a tortoise and with a pig. I am comfortable having them around other animals. Whatever they were possibly bred for hundreds of years ago likely has no effect on them now.

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I do wonder why this is not well understood with Pit Bulls, but, honestly, who other than me would call my Poodle out on his hunting dog roots? I can’t think of many people who expect Spike the Poodle to spend his days out hunting instead of sleeping on the couch, yet people expect my pit bull dogs to be intolerant of other animals. I wonder why this double standard exists.  I guess that all I can do is continue to educate the public about the fact that all dogs really are individuals and in time, everyone will see it that way.