Pit Bull Parent: The Truth about Transports

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At least once a week, I go to area shelters and take some of their dogs to a rescue that I work with. I love working with other shelters. I love the partnerships and I love that everyone is working together to make better lives for the animals.

The other  weekend, I went up to an area shelter that was reaching out for help as they were pretty full. A friend wanted to join me and I had no problem with that. As far as I was concerned, it was going to be just like any other rescue, and for me, it was.

I come across those videos of rescues. The videos that have been edited to make the video shorter, but when doing so, they take out a lot of what happens during these rescue trips. You see the person going into the shelter. They see a dog, usually looking sad. They take the dog out to their vehicle and the dog is super happy and then you see the dog being adopted .Many of us have seen those rescue videos. They’re great and look at those happy dogs! But, they leave out some things.

Back to this past weekend. I took my friend up to the other shelter with me. We picked out our dogs, just two this time. We picked out a big stocky guy and a tall thin guy. The stocky guy was happy the whole time. The thin guy was a bit more reserved and timid. I have my car all set up for transporting dogs. I keep the back gated off and I keep extra leashes and collars in the car. I have beds laid out for the animals. I have toys available to them. Yep, my car is basically a dog car!


We put the big stocky guy in the back and put the timid guy up front. Big stocky was super happy to be in the car. Timid guy, not so much. Still, everyone was well behaved. My friend, who is with a small rescue, was a bit overwhelmed with the larger shelter and all of the animals. Still, she was happy to get these dogs and load them up. On the way home, big stocky drooled quite a bit. Not from nausea, he is just a drooler. We were both hungry, so we stopped for a bit of food on the way. We also got something for the dogs. Big stocky gobbled his up right away and went back to drooling. Timid guy ate some of his and promptly vomited it back up. I was not concerned. This was not the first dog to get car sick in my car and it wouldn’t be the last. However, my friend was just overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Eventually, we got the dogs back to the rescue. We took pictures for petfinder.com and gave them some dinner and put them to bed. Did it all happen like it does in the super uplifting videos? Nope. I still have trace amounts of vomit in my car and I have no doubt that I ate dog hair along with the food that we stopped for. But, the dogs are on their way to finding forever homes and I wouldn’t have it any other way!