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Happy Tail: The Border Collie who came in from the cold


Jet’s family died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Fortunately, their Border Collie was tied up in the yard and missed that fate. Someone eventually untied him, but he ran away. For about a year he wandered the area on his own, getting by as best he could, foraging for food in garbage cans and eating chickens. While he was leading a feral life, someone shot him. At some time, a man lured him in, loaded him into the back of a pick-up truck and brought him to the Auglaize County Humane Society in Wapakoneta, OH.

He was posted on Petfinder, where Jennay Hitesman of Columbus, OH, saw his listing and lost her heart to him. When she went to meet him, he came out of his pen and wrapped his front legs around her neck. Then and there, she knew she had to give this dog a second chance.

At the vet’s, Xrays showed that his body was peppered with buckshot. Infection had set in on his back leg, which had been broken and healed. The vet went to work, scraping away the infected bone and attempting to repair his back leg as best he could.

Jet is always alert and sensitive to what's going on around him.

Jet is always alert and sensitive to what’s going on around him.

Jet still carries hundreds of pellets in his body, but they don’t slow him down and certainly don’t detract from his good looks. He’s a calendar dog and will soon be featured in his third one — a breed calendar which will be on sale at Barnes and Noble.

“He is so special,” Jennay says, “and very perceptive. When my husband goes to the door, the dogs think they’re going somewhere. He’s a pilot, and when he comes down wearing his uniform, Jet doesn’t rush to the door like the others. He recognizes what the uniform means.”

That shows he’s smart, like all Border Collies, “but he goes beyond that,” Jennay says. “He knows your soul.” He’s a dog who has come in from the cold, feral life to a warm family home.

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