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Happy Tail: Bath-loving cat is a (Rag)doll


A cat who loves baths — that’s Amigo-Otis, as his humans often call him. His shelter name was Amigo, but Lorene Ness, who adopted him, says the cat reminds her husband of Otis, the character who locks himself into Sheriff Taylor’s jail on “The Andy Griffith Show” – hence the name.

Otis loves all kinds of attention, even baths.

Amigo-Otis loves attention, even baths.

“I always wanted a Ragdoll cat,” Lorene says. “but I admired them from a distance since I didn’t have the $1,000 to $1,500 to buy one.” She had found a Tonkinese at the Humane Society of the Black Hills in her own town of Rapid City, SD, so she decided to take a look at the shelter’s Petfinder list. Amazingly, she found this unusual breed at the same shelter (even though there are only about 250 Ragdolls at any given time on Petfinder.)

Amigo-Otis’s original people brought him with them from England, but a cat allergy developed, so they relinquished him to the shelter.

“At first he didn’t want to be held,” Lorene says, “but I kept holding him and little by little he learned to trust and started acting the way Ragdolls are meant to act.” Normally, they love to be held and practically melt into your body.

“I think that due to the previous owner’s allergies,” Lorene speculates, “he was pushed away and the only safe place for him was on the floor, alone and away from everyone.”

Amigo-Otis has become her alarm clock, waking her five minutes before the alarm goes off with a kitten-sounding meow. When she’s ready to go to work and gets her coat, he goes to the door and meows.
“I’ve just figured it out: he wants to go with me to work! Such a change from him just lying alone on the floor and hating human touch.”

And those baths? He loves them; they’re just that much more attention.

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