Can you help with our resolutions?

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I’m a big fan of self improvement. Maybe it’s a part of growing up in a world of self-help books for every topic under the sun. Do I want to improve my sewing, be more assertive, communicate better, lose weight, improve my endurance, write faster or generally be more efficient? There’s almost certainly a book and an app for that .

I think this desire for self-improvement is part of why I love making resolutions. This year I have a number of personal resolutions focused on sewing more, being able to run further, working on my creative writing and other areas. My most important resolutions? To spend more time on enrichment for my cat, Toby, and to find more ways to help pets both through my work with Petfinder and my personal life.

Grey Cat Sitting on a Desk

Toby resolves to make sure I take more breaks for creative inspiration!

My professional resolution for this year? To make this blog more helpful and entertaining for you. I need a little bit of help from you though.

What is that you love, hate or simply want more of on Petfinder? Do you love our Happy Tails? Do our science and news stories fascinate you? Are you hoping for more of a glimpse behind the scenes at Petfinder? Do you want help finding answers or using the site? Are your favorite posts Romeo’s wake-up tactics or Kirstyn’s tales of being a Pit Bull Parent? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll make 2014 the best year yet!