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The seventh way to help pets is to share!


The seventh way to help pets is one of the easiest. I bet you could take care of this one in the next five minutes!

I love that Petfinder allows us to share pets who catch our eye — whether those pets are near or far. I’ve helped friends look for pets near them and shared pets on my personal social media accounts when something about them calls to me or reminds me of a friend who I know could use another furry companion. It’s pretty easy — you don’t even need to have any of the special social buttons installed on your own browser if you don’t want!



Just go to a pet’s profile and click on the share buttons under his or her profile. You can share pets and pet care articles to any of your profiles and spread the message of responsible pet parenting and adoption!

Of course, you can also follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and share the pets we share. Our team loves finding pets who speak to us and we want to know if they speak to you! Let us know below if you’re following us, then make sure to take the pledge to help pets for a chance to win!

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