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The ninth way to help pets helps your own, too!


I always like to buy my cat Christmas presents. Even though friends have commented that Toby doesn’t “really” know that it’s Christmas and that he deserves a gift, I know that he does. I do sometimes feel a little guilty about spending more money on Toby when his current collar, harness and toys are perfectly adequate. How do I deal with this? I make sure that I use any new purchase as an excuse to give Toby’s collar and other supplies that are still in good condition to my local shelter.


I make sure that I only give supplies that are still in good condition and often I’ll use purchasing a toy for Toby as an excuse to buy a new toy for the shelter, too (buy one, get one sales!). If I’m spending $10 on cat toys for Toby, sales mean it’s usually not much more to buy some for the cats who don’t have families. It’s the same thing when I buy a dog toy for a friend’s pup — I may as well add another to my cart. I’m already at the store so I get to check off two gifts at the same time. I get to help a pet I know as well as a pet who is really in need!

Will you be donating your pet’s old but still good supplies or purchasing new toys for your local shelter?  Take the pledge to help pets for a chance to win!


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