Romeo’s Singing Wake up Tactic

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Yeowling is my specialty. I prefer to call is singing but the staff insists that it’s yeowling. Whatever. Potato, Potah-to.

Singing for our BREAKFAST.

Singing for our BREAKFAST.

Today Pugsley and I worked together to create one heck of a yeowling/singing wake up chorus. In fact, we succeeded in creating a domino effect, waking up everyone in the house in succession.

First, we positioned ourselves at the bottom of the stairs. Then, we both SANG/YEOWLED together in various degrees of volume and pitch. If you have never yeowled/sang up a staircase, you would not know how beautiful your singing sounds.

First, the youngest human child was awake. I heard her. “MOOOOOOMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Then, I heard the older human child. “WOOOOOOMMEEEEEEEO STOP MEOWING!” Then, male staff member’s voice: “ROMEO!” Finally, I heard female staff’s feet hit the floor and pad to the top of the stairs. She just looked at us and shook her head. Then, proceeded to make her way downstairs to prepare BREAKFAST.


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