Romeo’s Scratch-a-thon Wake up

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This morning I sat on the staff’s pillow, contemplating my life and deciding upon the

Ya got an itch, ya scratch it. Right?

Ya got an itch, ya scratch it. Right?

strategy I would use to wake up the staff.Before I even had a chance to devise my plan of attack, however, I got a really big itch. So……SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH. My foot was scratching and thumping away right next to her head.

It didn’t occur to me this would be a genius move but it was. She raised up her head, opened one eye, glared at me and let her head fall back on the pillow.

I peered into her face. “Meow? Meow. Meow. Meow…..”

Lo and behold, this worked! She was up! And BREAKFAST was on its way.

Dang, I’m good. Even when I’m not trying!

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