Pit Bull Parent: Yes, I Would Like to Talk to you About my Dog!


I get a lot of comments when I have my dog, Jefferson, out and about with me. He does have very striking features and I, personally, think that he is the most stunning dog ever. I’m not just saying that because he’s my best friend either. He really is gorgeous!


When we’re out and about, people do comment on his appearance. I often hear “that’s one good looking dog”. I always politely thank them and then they start asking the questions. I am most often asked from where I got him. I’ve also been asked if I use him for breeding, if he likes other dogs, how nice is he and even about his blood lines. All the while, Jefferson sits at my side. Who knows what is going through his head.

I do like that people ask these questions. It opens up a dialog that I feel can be educational, to both myself and the person asking the questions. I let people know that Jefferson came from a shelter. He was originally picked up as a stray. He was taken to a shelter where he was neutered (so, nope, no breeding him!), vaccinated and microchipped  and, eventually, I adopted him. Many people are shocked to find out that he is a shelter dog. I’m not quite sure what a “shelter dog” is supposed to look like, but apparently, not like Jefferson. His behavior is also brought up. Jefferson is pretty laid back and people also comment on his easy going demeanor. We discuss that Jefferson only had one accident in the house after we brought him home. Jefferson is fine with cats as well as dogs and he loves kids. Jefferson does know basic obedience. Jefferson is not only beautiful, but he’s an all around good dog. An all around good dog from a shelter.

Ernest 051

I’m glad that I have the opportunity to talk to people about Jefferson. I’m glad that he gets attention. Most importantly, I’m glad that I get to talk to people and let them know that you can find a stunning and well behaved family dog at a shelter. Hopefully, these dialogs will convince more people to find their next companion at the shelter!