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Happy Tail: This Labrador retriever is a gem of a pooch


Valerie Cook isn’t one to let life’s little things hold her back. To her, giving a dog a pill for incontinence once a day was one of those little things. To others, such a responsibility made them pass by a lovable yellow Labrador Retriever named Rose, who was listed on Petfinder by the Humane Society of NE Iowa. The dog was rejected repeatedly and lingered in the shelter without a family of her own.

Rose, a Labrador retriever

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Valerie, who lives in Mt. Vernon, IA, had lost her fifteen-year-old Lab to cancer. The good-bye was very sad, but she knew the best medicine for her was to bring a new dog into the house, so she began looking at Petfinder a few days after her dog’s death.

Her online search brought her to Rose — again and again. “No matter how many dogs I looked at, I kept going back to her. Something about her spoke to my heart,” she says.

Rose was classified as special needs because of her incontinence, but the pill controls it. “I just can’t imagine turning down such a a sweet dog,” Valerie says, “and she has been such a blessing. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog to help heal my heart over losing my last dog.”

If it hadn’t been for Petfinder, she says, she never would have found Rose because the Humane Society was two hours from her home. What chance would she have ever gone there, looking for a dog? But after being introduced online, Valerie made the drive to meet Rose in person and adopted her.

Rose has turned out more perfect than Valerie ever imagined. She has even changed the pooch’s name to Diamond Rose because the dog is such a gem.  Good thing Valerie doesn’t sweat the small things or she would have missed this jewel.

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