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Happy Tail: Good luck dogs this Pom and his human


January 2012 was a bad time for Suzanne Nelson of Bellevue, WA. While she was waiting for the results of a biopsy to find out if she had cancer, her beloved 13-year-old Pomeranian, Bear, died with gallbladder disease.

She had been browsing on Petfinder for some time and had noticed a cute Pom named Munchkin on the website, but didn’t want to upset Bear with a new dog in the house.


Munchkin was right there when Suzanne Nelson needed him most.

After Bear’s death, she went back on the website and to Forgotten Dogs Rescue‘s pet list on Petfinder where she had seen Munchkin listed. He was still waiting for a home.

Suzanne contacted the foster mom, went through the rescue’s screening process and waited to hear if he was to be hers. Fortune smiled on her, and she got the word that her application had been approved. Munchkin came home with her.

“I tried to reach Munchkin’s foster mom to let her know he was happy but didn’t hear back. Two weeks later I got a note from her. The reason she had not contacted me is that her house had a fire. and she lost all her dogs and her fosters along with everything she owned. She was devastated.

His foster mom pointed out that that Suzanne had saved Munchkin twice. First by adopting him right before the fire destroyed everything and, second, by giving him a forever home.

There was glitch in all the good fortune. The day after Munchkin arrived, Suzanne found out she had cancer. But Munchkin was there beside her as she underwent treatment, And she beat the disease.

“I tell him all the time he was meant to be my dog,” Suzanne says. “I think he agrees.”

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