Give a Pet Promise Certificate for the tenth way to help pets

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Growing up, I always wanted a puppy or a horse for Christmas. I had visions of a horse with a big red bow around his neck. In retrospect, these were not realistic visions for my family, but I still had them. My parents instead gave me stuffed animals, riding lessons and instructions in how to interact with friends’ and relatives’ pets.

If you know someone, child or adult, who wants a pet for the holidays, why not give a Pet Promise Certificate? This allows your recipient to be sure that he or she chooses the right pet for their lifestyle, while allowing you to be festive and giving. A Pet Promise Certificate promises that you will cover the adoption costs for a pet your recipient chooses. You can give it with a stuffed animal, a pet bed or anything else that you think will be fun for your loved one to unwrap. Bonus — a stuffed animal with a Pet Promise Certificate won’t have an accident under the tree!

Will you be giving a Pet Promise Certificate? Don’t forget to note it in your pledge to help pets so you can have a chance to win!