Fostering is a fifth way to help pets

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Want to make a big impact? Consider fostering. Regular guest blogger, Kirstyn Northrop Cobb, our “Pit Bull Parent” shares why she loves fostering. If you decide to foster, don’t forget to pledge to help pets for a chance to win!

Fostering. I love it. There is nothing that I do in sheltering that I find more rewarding. Though the blog that I usually write for Petfinder normally focuses on having Pit Bull companions, I do often write about the current foster animal, as fostering is just such a large part of my life.

I am often asked about fostering by those who find out that I foster. Many people wonder how I could bring an animal into my home and then part with it. Let’s be honest, I have dogs who started out as fosters, so there are times that it is just not easy. But, for the most part, I know that I am getting the animal ready for a forever home. I also know that there are so many shelters that are low on space and if I can use my home to help out with their space concerns, then I am more than happy to do so.


I will totally admit that the first foster that I brought in was really hard to let go. In fact, I cried the whole way home. Oh, and I knew the person and would see the dog often anyway. And, I still cried. But, the more I fostered, the more clear it became. I knew why I was fostering. These were not my animals. These animals belong to someone else, I am just getting them ready for the person that they are supposed to be with.


I am currently fostering a puppy. He’s a cute little guy and he will be with us throughout the holidays. He came in as a young guy and isn’t ready to be adopted, yet. It’s good to have him around my dogs. My dogs are amazing teachers and they can socialize him for me. And, when we all wake up on Christmas morning, he will have toys waiting for him, just like the other dogs. He will have a special dinner, just like the other dogs. Yep, he will be treated just like one of our personal dogs. Most importantly, he will be in a home during the holidays and not in a shelter. I am well aware that there are so many amazing shelters out there who do so much for the animals in their care. The animals of many shelters out there will also get special treats for the holidays. Volunteers will give up time with their own families to give the shelter dogs an extra walk and some one on one time. But, despite all they do for the shelter animals, those pets will still be in a shelter. I know that I can’t take them all home for the holidays, but I do know that I can make the holidays special for this one little guy.

Next year, my little foster will be in his forever home, spending the holidays with the family that I got him ready for, and another dog will be spending the holidays with us, getting a special dinner and toys of his own. We will be preparing another dog for his forever home. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.