Romeo’s Alarm Snooze Wake up Tactic

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Today the female staff got up way earlier than normal.

Who needs a snooze button when you have moi?

Well, actually, she did not get up way earlier than normal, but that beeping thing went off way earlier than normal. Did she get up? Uh, NO. She just kept hitting it again and again with her paw.

So I helped her get into the wake up frame of mind by hitting her with my paw. Several times. On the forehead. And, for the record, it was much more gentle than the beating that beeping box was getting.

She finally made that incessant beeping stop and hauled herself out of bed. I waited patiently just inside the bedroom door.

Soon, she plodded downstairs and BREAKFAST was served. Female staff got her java and was soon at her desk starting her day. I joined her after I finished eating, supervising her, as usual.

What would she do without me?

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