Pit Bull Parent: How Harry Potter Got it Right

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OK, today, we’re going to let my inner dork out and admit that I really enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies and was even looking up Harry Potter on Pinterest the other day. Don’t judge, we all have our little secrets. Anyway, while I was looking up Harry Potter on Pinterest, I came across a photo that I feel pertains to dogs and how we should view dog breeds.

The photo  points out that not all Hufflepuffs are weak (referring to Cederick Diggory), not all Ravenclaws are stuck up (reffering to Luna Lovegood), not all Slytherins don’t know love (referring to Severus Snape) and not all Gryffindors are loyal (referring to Peter Pettigrew). It also points out that, even though you are classified as one thing, or part of a group, everyone is still an individual.

Pit Bull in a wizard cape

One of my dogs doing his best wizard impression.

This is also pertains to dogs. Two of my dogs, Squeake and Rover, are siblings. They come from the same genetic background, they were raised the same way, they are, in most ways, the same dog. But they have totally different personalities. Squeake is laid back and calm. She is amazing with children and other dog and in the car and on a leash, however, she hates the vet. Rover, on the other hand is high strung and can be straight up obnoxious. He herds children, freaks out in the car, can be leash reactive,  BUT, he loves the vet. They are the same basic dog but are totally different when it comes to their personalities and they are individuals.

So, before you judge someone, human or canine, based on a group that they belong to, be it pit bull, poodle, Slytherin or Ravenclaw, remember, everyone is an individual and should just be seen as such.