Pit Bull Parent: A Day to Show Off Our Pit Bull Pride

Every year, on the last Saturday of October, something wonderful happens that fills my heart with joy. You see, that last Saturday is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. National Pit Bull Awareness Day was started in 2007 by Bless the Bullies founder, Jodi Preis. In the following years, it has taken off and now, celebrations hare held throughout the country, and not just the country, but throughout the world, as this year, celebrations were also held in Canada and Germany as well!

I work with my local humane society to put on an event every year. We are a super pit bull friendly shelter and we look forward to any excuse to celebrate our pit bull friends. So, every year, we hold a celebration to show off our “pittie pride”! We usually have vendors and a raffle. We have a costume contest and adoptable dogs. But the most important thing that we have is lots of pittie love!


Pit bull families come from near and far to show off their dogs and collaborate with the other pit bull families. There is such a sense of community and a common bond. During National Pit Bull Awareness Day Celebrations, no one cares about your beliefs, no one cares about your religion or political affiliation, no one cares about the things that can tear us apart during the rest of the year. Nope, during National Pit Bull Awareness day, we are all just pit bull lovers, coming together to celebrate our dogs.1391799_10151766808003940_464484254_n

I am always amazed at how many people show up and at the fact that the number grows every year. I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, I love my dogs and love that there is a day dedicated to celebrating them, so why wouldn’t others be just as excited as I am. So, as I wind down and reflect on how many people and dogs came out this year for National Pit Bull Awareness Day, I hug my dogs extra tight and think about how many other families are doing the exact same thing and how we came together to show the world that we love our pit bull dogs.