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Happy Tail: This Persian cat is a cuddle bug


Amelia Wagner and her boyfriend desperately wanted to adopt a cat, but finding an apartment where cats were allowed seemed next to impossible in San Francisco, where they live. They persisted, and at last they found one and signed a lease. Then the search for the perfect kitty began.

They looked at dozens of cats on Petfinder and even had two meet-and-greets, but it took Dolores to win their hearts.

Delores, a Persian cat

Dolores’ expression hides a playful soul.

“At five years old, she was rather shy in her kitten-filled foster home,” Amelia says, “but was unmistakably beautiful.” The Persian cat’s Petfinder listing by Redwood Animal Rescue in Felton, CA, said she had been found stray and starving. It seemed incomprehensible to the couple that someone should abandon such a beauty, but there she was, needing a home — and there they were, quite taken with her.

Her shyness bothered them a bit, but her foster mom assured them she was a total “cuddle bug.”

“We took a leap of faith,” Amelia says, “and signed the adoption papers on the spot. We moved into our pet-friendly apartment a week later and returned to pick up Dolores the next day.”

The foster mother was right about Dolores because she is affectionate. “She sleeps cuddled between us every night,” Amelia says, “amuses us with her spurts of crazy playfulness and never ceases to thank us for saving her from her situation.”

Their leap of faith landed them right in the middle of a perfect adoption.

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