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Happy Tail: Border collie’s pic was a sign from beyond


Reading Joy’s story on Petfinder seemed like a sign to Sherri Maddick. She was still reeling with grief over the death of her beloved Border Collie, Bailey, and now her heart felt an ache over the dog she saw on her computer monitor. The dog had been dropped over the fence at the local animal control impoundment with a litter of puppies and then taken in by Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue in Minerva, Ohio.

“I’d told Bailey to give us six months and then to send a sign,” she says. This seemed to be it. Unfortunately, we were in Florida for the winter, and Joy was the rescue in Ohio.

Joy, an adopted border colliee

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Nevertheless, she contacted Victoria Summers, director of the shelter, and expressed interest in Joy. Over the following few months, she kept in contact with Summers and realized the rescue was small. “She had no website except her Petfinder page and no Facebook page, so I offered to create it all for her,” Sherri says. “I told her I would even pay for the website and I still do!”

When Sherri returned to her home in Pennsylvania, she left for Ohio and adopted Joy. “She is a princess, that is for sure. I remember Victoria telling me that Joy was the kind of dog that would want you to fluff her pillows for her. It’s so true!”

Recently, Sherri wrote a book called Letters to Each Other. “It’s about Bailey, my first Petfinder Border Collie who told me to look for Joy,” she says.

Sherri continues to volunteer to do all the media work for the rescue group and is on the board of directors, too. She not only adopted a dog, she adopted Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue as well.

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