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Happy Tail: A Dalmatian dream comes true


Trayce Womack was at sea, literally, so there was no way she could get a dog. She’s in the Coast Guard, and when she finally got transferred to a land job, she began searching on Petfinder for a pooch to adopt. She’d always wanted a Dalmatian but knew that the breed’s characteristics didn’t make them ideal for apartment living. She applied for several but was turned down for that reason.

Cookie's happy tail

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At last she gave up on her Dalmatian dream and contacted a greyhound rescue group. On the very day, she had an appointment to meet a woman about a particular dog, the woman canceled due to illness. Disappointed, Trayce looked back at the Dalmatians she had saved as her favorites on Petfinder.

One in particular caught her attention. It was a liver-spotted Dalmatian mix listed by All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise (ADORE) in Houston. She sent them an email.

“They responded right away and told me that she might be what I’m looking for!” Trayce says. The dog, Cookie, “had been found wandering the streets of Houston as a stray and may or may not have just had puppies when they found her, but they didn’t find her with any. With no place to foster her, they had no choice but to put her in a boarding facility where she remained for almost nine months!”

Trayce filled out an application and provided references. ADORE conducted a home visit using Skype. Once approved, Trayce met a rescue volunteer halfway between her home in New Orleans and Houston. Trace brought along her roommate’s dog to make sure the two dogs would get along. Success! Cookie was hers. Home they went.

Today, Cookie seems perfectly happy with apartment life and her new doggy friend, and for Trayce, the adoption is a long-time dream realized.

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