You can have both cats and plants!


As fall creeps in, indoor flowers and plants can perk up the gray and chilly days. I used to find myself wistfully gazing at the bouquets of flowers in the floral section of the market, imaging them chewed to unrecognizable bits by my otherwise well-behaved feline housemates. Over the years I’ve discovered a few ways to be able to keep flowers and plants in my home without them becoming a salad for kitties.

Enclosing the plants entirely can keep them safe from determined feline chewers. Terrariums can be created from tall glass pitchers or vases that are too deep for cats to poke into. Moss, small plants, or even a tiny orchid can find a safe home here. There are even ball-type terrariums that hang! Check your local hobby or craft store for affordable glass containers, or rummage through your attic and shelves for old pitchers you have not been using.

Elevating plant containers will put them at eye level where you can enjoy them, and will also place them out-of-paw from all but the most determined leapers. Make a home for your smaller house plants on a wall shelf or tall bookcase. Be sure the shelf is far enough from other tall furniture so that your cat can’t make an athletic sideways leap from other perches. Plant lights can be added to bookshelf cubbies that are too far away from a window.

If you love cut flowers but despair that you can enjoy them on a tabletop, your local potter can make you a pottery vase that can hang right on the wall, keeping your beautiful flower arrangements safe from determined nibblers. I visit a local potter’s “seconds sale” each winter for beautiful pottery wall sconces, vases, and water bowls for my cats.

As spring arrives oh-so-slowly, there is no need to put off enjoying greenery and flowers until the weather warms up. Once spring and summer flower arrives, you’ll have a place to keep them indoors as well.