Your donations are helping the shelter hit by a school bus

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When a school bus crashed into Wright-Way Rescue in Niles, Ill., on Oct. 2, dozens of adoptable pets — and the shelter itself — were left homeless. The Petfinder Foundation is giving Wright-Way a $10,000 grant to purchase a mobile adoption trailer so it can continue to save lives as it recovers from this disaster.

No children were on board the bus at the time of the crash on Oct. 2.

No people or animals were harmed by the crash, but Wright-Way was forced to vacate its adoption center, where it finds homes for 5,000 pets each year. Wright-Way pulls about 75 dogs and cats a week from rural, open-admission shelters, and without a means to find them homes while the organization searches for a new, permanent facility, many animals throughout the Midwest would be euthanized.

We at the Petfinder Foundation reached out to Wright-Way and offered to help. Founder Christy Anderson told us a grant would be used to purchase a trailer to serve as a mobile adoption center for now, and after Wright-Way finds a permanent location for its adoption center, the trailer will be used for off-site adoptions and pick-up for spay/neuter surgeries.


The crash destroyed Wright-Way’s adoption center.

Anderson was delighted to hear that the Petfinder Foundation would fund the $10,000 trailer. “Wright-Way Rescue and myself are incredibly thankful for the amazing support of the Petfinder Foundation,” she tells us. “Your generosity is so greatly appreciated during this time of need. We are so looking forward to having a mobile adoption center and are confident it will help us continue our mission of saving homeless pets. Thank you!!!”


Our grant will help pets like McHenry.

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