Romeo’s Wake up Ruckus

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Could you describe the ruckus, sir?

A sure fire wake up tactic is something the staff calls “ruckus.” Ruckus comes in a number of forms. Today, ruckus consisted of playing in piles of crunchy plastic bags on the chair. SO FUN. And so very effective too! Although I suspect the staff tried to sleep through the crinkling, if you know anything about ruckus, you know that is practically impossible. Therefore, BREAKFAST was served quickly!

For your reference, here are things that qualify as ruckus:

-Batting at blinds
-Chasing Pugsley “like a herd of dagonne elephants” through the house
-Playing with Chapstick on the bathroom floor
-Batting at glasses on the bedside table
-Scratching the laundry hamper
-Jumping up and down off the bed with loud thuds
-Skidding on the hardwood floor, bonus if you run into the door

What does your staff consider “ruckus?” Please share!

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