Romeo’s Perfect Wake up Set up

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Today’s wake up strategy was absolutely PRICELESS.

The snore machine himself.

We were all sleeping around 5 a.m. – male staff, Pugsley, female staff and little old me.

Pugsley was snoring superloud.

The male staff reached over to female staff, poked her and said, “HEY, QUIT SNORING!”

It was hard not to laugh.

She poked him back and said, “It’s NOT ME, DUDE. IT’S YOUR CAT.”

While the male staff fell back asleep, the female was wide awake, tossing and turning now. I could have taken pity on her but, well, why would I do that when BREAKFAST is within paw’s reach?

So I stood over her, stared into her face, meowed a few times and before long, she heaved herself out of bed and soon thereafter, BREAKFAST was in our bellehs!

Nice work, Pugsley!

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