Romeo’s Biscuit Maker Wake up Tactic

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Wake up….it’s time to make the biscuits!

Am the Biscuit King.

Today I employed one of my favorite wake up tactics although, truly, I have to be in the mood for this so I don’t do it too often.


It’s kinda like making the donuts….but it’s making biscuits. On female staff’s belly.

While making biscuits, one must purr along with the kneading. And so I did.

I jumped on her belly stood on the squishy part (she would not be happy with that description but hey, whatcha gonna do?) and proceeded to knead-knead-knead-knead.

As I really got into it, I started to purr-purr-purr-purr.


I was concentrating heavily so my eyes were closed but I opened one eye to see if she was awake yet.  She was laying there with one of HER eyes open. She was smiling.

We came to an understanding.

I kneaded-purred for a few more minutes while she lay there and, presumably, thought about how adorable I am. Then, she gently nudged me off her belly and, with a sigh, got out of bed and shuffled down to the kitchen.

BREAKFAST was served.

She loves me. What can I say?


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