Pit Bull Parent: I have some amazing and understanding dogs!

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So many people tell me how wonderful and accepting my husband is. I hear over and over again that he is so patient considering the number of foster pets that I bring home. And, I do give him some credit. For the most part, he goes with the flow with limited complaining. But, that being said, he knew what he was getting into. He entered this marriage under no false pretenses. I came with animals, I worked in animal welfare and I had all of that out in the open.

My dogs, on the other hand, well, they were just brought into the situation. They didn’t make the choice to come and live in our home. It was totally a luck of the draw thing for them. I was thinking about this over the weekend as I brought in my newest foster.

Over the weekend, I brought home a baby pot bellied pig. He’s only 8 weeks and needed a foster home, so, why not? I’ve brought in pot bellied pigs before and I’m comfortable with them in the house. We are a pig experienced home and, I knew from experience that my dogs would be fine. Admittedly, I never leave them alone together, but I never leave them unattended with any foster.

So, I brought in Ernest Hamingway, the new foster pig, and my dogs were totally OK with him. Just as they have been OK with the foster dogs that I bring in and the foster cats and kittens, and the tortoise. And, yes, my husband deserves credit for being so agreeable, but, really, my dogs deserve more credit, as they really weren’t given a choice to enter a relationship with me. And, seriously, what amazing dogs they are for putting up with me!

So, today’s post is just a big shout out to my dogs for being so awesome!!!!