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Happy Tail: Puppy mill dog gets a loving hone


When the Allshouse family’s oldest American Eskimo dog passed away, they went into a period of mourning at the loss. But before long, the family realized they had room in their hearts for another dog — to join their two remaining Eskies and a cat.

They searched on Petfinder and filled out applications. Finally the New Castle, PA, family found its perfect match at Ron’s Rescued Rascals in Kent, OH. Their adoption application was accepted, and they picked up their new family member at a foster home on August 3.

KiKI, an adopted American Eskimo dog

Read KiKi’s story in Cathy’s words.

KiKi is a rescued puppy mill breeder dog. Sometimes these dogs, who have been raised in small cages and have had minimal socialization, have trouble adjusting to home life, but KiKi “is making tremendous strides in becoming a regular dog,” Cathy Allshouse says. She also notes that KiKi loves everyone, even the cat.

What a gift for KiKi that she now has a home where her human family treats her with love and respect. It’s an emotionally long way from a puppy mill existence. We commend people like the Allshouse family who take in former puppy mill dogs and give them second chances.

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