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Happy Tail: Italian Greyhound mix makes a good choice


Erik and his girlfriend, Jennifer, wanted a dog and felt strongly that they should adopt one rather than buy one so as not to support puppy mills.

“We were dog people through and through,” Erik says, “but deciding on the type of dog was a topic up for debate.” They took quizzes, did their homework and decided on an Italian Greyhound or Schnauzer. “They are low to no shedding, have quirky personalities, make great apartment dogs, don’t need too much exercise, and stay small their whole life.”

Winston, a Schnauzer-Italian Greyhound mix

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With that decided, the Schaumburg, IL, couple turned to Petfinder and began their search. “To our surprise, we saw him; his name was Winston, and he was as unique as a unicorn,” an Italian Greyhound/Schnauzer mix – what they were looking for wrapped up in one cute package.

Winston was at ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue, Chicago, a group that does a thorough job of vetting potential adopters. The couple passed the first stage and then it was time for a home visit.

“We were never so nervous,” Erik says. “Cleaning floors until they were spotless, puppy proofing our place and hoping they would pick us!”

When Winston arrived, the couple greeted him, and he clearly liked them and seemed to know this was to be his new family. Their careful preparations for him paved the way for getting approved for the adoption. “A few signatures later, it was official, we were a family,” Erik says.

“The little mill dog rescue was very shy at first but over the next few weeks not only did he warm up, he mastered potty training, passed his puppy classes and Canine Good Citizen test and quickly became a very confident boy,” Erik says. “They always say that you don’t pick the dog, the dog picks you. We are so glad he picked us, our life wouldn’t be whole without him.”

All signs say Winston made a good choice.

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