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Happy Tail: Black-and-white magic strikes adopter


A little thing like a “no-cats” policy at her apartment wasn’t enough to keep Julia Orton of Portland, OR, from browsing on Petfinder, looking at adoptable kitties. She was content to daydream — that is, until she saw Roxie.

“I’ve always had a special place in my heart for black-and-white cats,” she says, but with this particular cat, who was listed on Petfinder by West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Eugene, OR, it was as if magic had struck, and the feeling only deepened when Julia went to meet Roxie in person.

Roxie Orton

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“Her incredible personality won me over right away,” Julia says, “and I desperately wanted to bring her home. Sadly, I began to walk away, and that’s when she stuck her paw out of the cage and pulled my hand to her — with her claws in. I looked into her beautiful eyes and knew it was love. No matter what, I would share my life with this cat.”

That’s when the negotiations with her apartment management company began. Meanwhile, she visited Roxie several times a week, getting better acquainted. And each time, she did so, she worried that her special cat wouldn’t be there, that she would have been adopted.

Julia’s undoubtedly heartfelt negotiations won the apartment managers over, and they gave Julia permission to have a cat. In no time at all, she was on her way to adopt Roxie — “the most wonderful cat in the world.”

It seems to have been a bona fide case of black-and-white magic.

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