Romeo’s Musical Wake up Tactic

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Recently, the staff has added a new addition to the house.

An unexpected new tool in my wake up arsenal.

It’s a monstrous thing, very odd, that the staff calls a “pee-ann-oh.” I call it “annoying big thing in the way” because it blocks my view to two different windows.

However, this morning I discovered something lovely about the pee-ann-oh….it makes noises when you step on it. Yep, I jumped up onto it and suddenly it made this very large sound! It scared me at first so I jumped off…but then put my paws back on it to make sure it was safe and not going to eat me. Then, I climbed up onto it again and walked on it. It actually made quite a lovely, melodious, and loud sound.

And, that lovely sound resulted in an even lovelier sound….that of the staff’s feet coming down the stairs, presumably to serve me BREAKFAST.

The female staff looked alarmed as she peeked around the corner into the living room but was soon laughing. And, I am happy to report, BREAKFAST was delivered shortly thereafter.

Thank you, pee-ann-oh…whoever and whatever you are. I’m glad you’re here.

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