Romeo’s Meyeooooooow Wake up Tactic

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You know what is a great wake up tool? The stairway!

The reverberating meow. It works.

Most stairways are exceptional sound enhancers. In fact, a cat can stand at the bottom of a stairway and make a certain noise that staff members can’t ignore. I know this because it’s precisely the strategy I used this morning to get my BREAKFAST.

I stood at the bottom of the stairs – actually, I stood on a table at the bottom of the stairs.

Then, I meyeoooooowed. And meyeoooooooooooooowedd. Then I meyeoooooooowed again. My voice made a beautiful echo noise and reverberated up the stairs and into the staff’s room.

Soon, I saw a sleepy head come out of the bedroom and look down the stairs at me. “Romeo, WHAT are you doing?” the female staff member asked.

I think it was obvious. “Meyeoooooooow.” I replied.

And she sighed heavily, disappeared for a second, then reappeared with her glasses on. Then, shuffled downstairs to make BREAKFAST.


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