Rabbits are the best snoozers


If Mario had to apply for a job somewhere, he is most fit for the position of “Professional Napper.”  This rabbit sleeps the majority of the day.  Rabbits are crepuscular which means they are most active at dawn and dusk. Mario has skewed his schedule a bit to be most active in the morning when I first get up and again in the evening when he gets his nightly romp around our home.

Mario nap

Mario napping in the living room

I compiled a few of my favorite photos of Mario sleeping through the years.  When he was younger, I would try to snap a shot of him sleeping and just looking at him too hard would startle him awake.  In his more advanced years I can pet him while he is sleeping and he will hardly stir.

On his back, ears flipped up.

This rabbit is totally out


Paw action

I love how he’s holding out his front paw.

Most common nap position.

Mario’s typical napping position


Mario snoozing

Up close and personal with the ‘stache


Sandra lives in San Francisco with her husband and Mario. To get more Mario tales, visit her blog at RoadBunner. Sometimes rabbits and sometimes running but over there Mondays are always for Mario.