Mario, my Chunky Monkey bunny


Mario has slowed down a little over the nine years we’ve spent together. However I have plenty of great tales to tell of his energetic exploits when he was younger. My nickname for Mario used to be, “Chunky Monkey.” He would often eat things first and think later.

Chunky Monkey

A common sight in the Chunky Monkey days.

One night in the early years I had salad as part of my dinner. I didn’t eat it all and I threw away some lettuce leaves into the waste basket. Mario sniffed them out right away and kept standing up with his front paws on the top of the waste basket to try to see what sending out all of those tantalizing scents.

I kept pushing him down and he eventually hopped away. I figured he had lost interest so I went to sit down. A moment later I happened to look back towards the trash can. Mario got a running head start and without any hesitation leaped right into it! I was horrified and ran over to fish him out. He was vertical, face down, happily munching on lettuce leaves. I took him out and didn’t get a photo that night.

A few nights later I was watching television and heard a huge crash. I turned around and saw Mario standing in the trash can. He must have been very disappointed there weren’t any yummy treats inside this time. Since he wasn’t face down this time, I fished out the camera and snapped a photo.

Mario in the can

Now how do I get out?

This rabbit would do anything for food.

Sandra lives in San Francisco with her husband and Mario. To get more Mario tales, visit her blog at RoadBunner. Sometimes rabbits and sometimes running but over there Mondays are always for Mario.