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Happy Tail: Love is a forever home and a name


By the time Sprocket was four months old, he still hadn’t been named. He lived out in the elements from September to January and was apparently anonymous to the family who should have been caring for him.

“How could that be?” wonders Tamara Caruso of Phoenix, NY. She had awakened on Christmas morning, 2011, to find her family’s beloved 13-year-old pooch, Max, dead. The Carusos knew what it was to love a dog. So how could someone not care enough for a puppy that they didn’t even name him? she wondered.

Sprocket Caruso

Sprocket sports a bandanna and comfortable harness while out on a walk.

“The days that followed [Max’s death] were sad and empty,” she says. “Walking into our home without a wagging tail to greet us was difficult, and we knew we wanted to welcome someone new into our lives.”

She began the search on Petfinder and saw the photo of an adorable dog listed on the site by Oswego County Humane Society, Oswego, NY. “He was exactly what our family needed,” she says. They named him Sprocket because he reminded them of the dog on Fraggle Rock.

“Sprocket has proven to be loving and loyal and truly loves his people,” Tamara says. “He has more expressions than I can list and has fit into our family like a glove.”

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