This rabbit loves his toys


Everyone loves to have toys and rabbits are no exception. It takes a little bit of experimenting to see what your bunny enjoys. For example, Mario is not into cardboard. Some bunnies love to remodel their cardboard boxes adding windows and doors. Mario will jump up onto a box but he doesn’t care to make any renovations.

Mario on box

I will sit on the box, but I won’t chew it.

Mario’s top toy choice is paper. He loves to rip it, shred it, and shove it around. I have also learned the hard way that he loves to rip up magazines. He’ll often steal one from the coffee table and mince it for me.

Mario paper shredding

Bunny vs. Paper

I have found that Mario really loves playing with paper that is stuffed into something. He has a cardboard tunnel — which of course is never chewed — and if I can find enough paper to stuff into it he’ll have a blast playing inside. He also loves to use the tunnel like a rocket launcher and will come bolting out of it at full speed.

Mario in tunnel

Mario’s favorite toy

Over the years I have bought Mario various throw toys. Balls, rattles, plastic links… He will sometimes toss them around but I always get the feeling he is more annoyed at their placement than that he is getting enjoyment from playing with them. I’ll usually keep one toy of this type in his house to give him the option but seeing it in there is probably more pleasing to me than him.

Mario also loves wicker toys. Sometimes he’ll devour them like a treat and other times he’ll graze on them slowly. I am not sure what makes him decide which way to treat a particular wicker item. Stringing them up seems to slow him down a little and gives him more of a challenge.

Hanging wicker toy

Treat and toy combo.

Every bunny is different so keep offering different choices and pretty soon you’ll figure out what your rabbit wants. Sometimes Mario will show interest in something that has gone untouched for quite a while so it is good to keep rotating the items for him.

Sandra lives in San Francisco with her husband and Mario. To get more Mario tales, visit her blog at RoadBunner. Sometimes rabbits and sometimes running but over there Mondays are always for Mario.