Romeo’s Move it and Lose it Wake up Tactic

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Sorry, lady. Standing room only.

I dunno, this morning’s wake up tactic might have fallen in the gray area of what’s nice and what’s not. But you be the judge.

We were all sleeping in our typical fashion last night: cat, human, cat, human. Early this morning, the female staff member got up to use the bathroom so Pug and I took this opportunity to make sure she stayed up.

We inched closer together so she was shut out of her sleeping spot! And we all know one must never move a sleeping cat. It’s just not done!

She arrived back at the side of the bed, looked down at us and said, “Where am I supposed to sleep?” We both just looked up at her with innocent faces. I did a silent meow to say, “Ummmm… more sleep, how about BREAKFAST?”

I was shocked when she complied. With a heavy sigh of course, she put her slippers on and dragged herself downstairs and ta da! Just like that, BREAKFAST was served.

What do you think, readers? Fair or dirty?

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